TeaTimer 0.6 released

Posted by Philipp Söhnlein on Monday, July 7. 2008 at 23:21 in TeaTimer

I put TeaTimer 0.6 on AMO. Included are all features I described in the previous post.

The only problem is: I decided to make all extensions only available on AMO directly. But, since this is my very first extension, it's currently held in the “sandbox” – a special area for extensions, that are not tested widely (Debian users would say, it's in unstable or testing.). To install sandboxed extensions you are forced to have a account there. I don't like that fact and I don't want anyone to force to create an account at AMO. So, as long as my extension is sandboxed, I will release the package here, too.

Please leave your honest comment about TeaTimer at the TeaTimer page at AMO. If there are some good ratings, I can apply for moving the extension into the public area of AMO.

Thanks for using, testing, having fun (hopefully) and giving some feedback.


teaTimer-0.6-fx.xpi (1.3 MiB)


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Jan on :

nice and useful app. Thanks. I use it for many things, not only tea.
I'd love to see the list of teas sorted by time. That makes it easier to find a suitable time if you have many different things to time.

Philipp Söhnlein on :

Oh yeah, sorting stuff - A point I never thought about before. Thanks for the advice, I put that on the roadmap for the 0.8 version.
If you like to follow the status of your feature request, you can see it in the bugtracker: http://bugs.codepaintedby.philipp-soehnlein.de/index.php?do=details&task_id=14

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