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On this page, I want to give you a small overview over each project. Unfortunately there's currently only one project:


TeaTimer is a Firefox extension (also called Firefox Add-on), heavily inspired by KTeaTime for KDE and Cuppa for Mac OS X. It implements a simple, preconfigurable countdown and some cool alert features, to prevent you from oversteeped tea. Especially programmers might be familiar with the following situation:

You start your day with a nice cup of, let's say, Earl Grey. So you start your computer and kettle and prepare your cup and your teabag or your tea egg or whatever you prefer. Seconds later the computer is ready and the water is boiled and you start to brew your tea and you know that 3 minutes later the tea has steeped enough to bring you into the day. But then your email application tells you, you have 123 unread emails and you start reading and answering and fifeteen minutes later you jump up from your chair, screaming, trying to save what is left to save (=nothing), because you forget your tea. The consequences are a much too bitter tea, that makes your whole day horrible. You are so much pissed now, everyone can see the black cloud over your head and even in the evening your friends will not be happy with you. ;-)

To prevent such situations, TeaTimer reminds you in different ways, that your tea is ready and you can do a short break of what you're doing, to rescue it from oversteeping. You can enjoy your tea, answer your emails more effectively and you'll have a great day.

Well, that's the whole idea behind TeaTimer. I hope you'll enjoy. Flattr this

Logo of the GPL v3 TeaTimer is licensed under the GPL v3.

OpenSearch Plugins: CPAN and CPAN (modules)

Firefox gives you the possibility to search some pages directly from your browser. The search box normally appears right handed of the address bar and by default searches for some known pages like Google, Yahoo, Amazon or Ebay are provided.

For the Perl programmers out there I made two plugins for that box that give you the possibility to search One searches everything on the page, the other one is limited to the modules section only.

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