Hi, my name is Philipp Söhnlein and I'm a professional Webdeveloper from Middle Franconia, Germany. So, I'm coding very much and sometimes some useful stuff is produced, which may be not only useful for myself, but for some more people, too. I never had a real place for putting this stuff on, so I decided to create a dedicated website for it – and that's were you currently are, just if you wonder. :-)

I'm currently much into the whole XUL-stuff and I indirectly was a Mozilla fan since I collected my first internet experiences with Netscape, so I always liked the idea of creating my own Firefox extensions. While discovering the possibilities of all the Mozilla Framework stuff, I realized, that my ideas are not just limited to Firefox, that's why in the future some of my projects here may be useful for Mozilla Thunderbird or Mozilla Seamonkey users, too.

The whole modern web application stuff is also very interesting, in my opinion, so I'm experimenting a lot with blog software and I'm sure there will be some Wordpress or Serendipity plugins/themes here coming up this year “soon”.

There's a lot of work, but I hope, you appreciate and like what I'm doing here. I always like to hear some feedback, so you can mail or jabber me or you can leave your bug report or your feature request in the bugtracker (unlike most bugtrackers, you don't need an extra account in mine).

Philipp Söhnlein




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