TeaTimer 0.8 released

Posted by Philipp Söhnlein on Wednesday, July 30. 2008 at 09:14 in TeaTimer

I just released the next version of TeaTimer this morning. It has 4 mentionable things I want to introduce:

  1. First of all TeaTimer can now sort teas in the main context menu by name or time. You can change this behaviour in the options window.
    This feature was realized because of a feature request from user Jan. If you have some ideas or if you need a certain feature, you can comment here or you can open a new task on my bugtracker.
  2. Apropos options window… The options window is now also available at the add-on centre of your Firefox installation.
  3. I did a bigger internal change with storing all the preferences and teas. If you want all the dirty details, see FS#13 of my bugtracker.
  4. And finally I did a clean up function, which takes care, that no garbage is left, when TeaTimer is going to be uninstalled.

I hope you have some fun with the new features.
If you like the extension, please leave a rating at AMO. I still want to have more good ratings, before I'm going to nominate my extension for moving it into the public area.


teaTimer-0.8-fx.xpi (1.3 MiB)


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