May I introduce my TeaTimer to you?

Posted by Philipp Söhnlein on Monday, July 7. 2008 at 22:47 in TeaTimer

TeaTimer is a Firefox extension, that solves a problem for me, which occurred more than once a day, before I had TeaTimer:

I worked on some stuff and wanted to have some tea. I especially like Earl Grey (thanks to Mr Jean-Luc Picard), a Black tea, which is much too bitter for me, when it steeps longer than 4 minutes. I was often so deep into my work, that I forgot my tea and it's horrible to drink Earl Grey, when it steeped longer than 15 minutes or so (I usually renamed it to “Earl Black” when that happened).

So that's story behind the extension. Let's see, what this cylon offspring can do for you:


  1. TeaTimer finds its place in the right area of the browsers statusbar. It shows the full time of the currently selected tea by default.
  2. When you click on it, the countdown starts.
  3. When the countdown finishes, some notifications come up. Currently there are three types:
    1. Dialog window alert: A message box comes up. Especially useful on most operating systems, even you work in another application, Firefox will try to catch your attention (blinking in taskbar on Windows, jumping in Dock on Mac OS and so on).
    2. Statusbar blinking alert: The statusbar will contain a green blinking “ready”-note.
    3. Sound alert: A sound is played.
  4. When you right click in the statusbar area of TeaTimer you will get more actions.
  5. You can choose one of the predefined tea varities.
  6. You can cancel a countdown.
  7. You can go to the option window, in which you can manage your own tea varities and all the alerts (including sounds and sound previews).
  8. If you have something you want to time only once, you can use the quick timer.
  9. TeaTimer comes with 4 different end sounds (eggtimer, fanfare, slurp and speech) and 3 different start sounds (cup, eggtimer and pouring).


Currently it's planned that 1.0 will contain the following features:

  • TeaTimer will get an icon.
  • There will be one additional alert type: The website widget alert.
  • An icon-only mode will be included, too (for those of you,that do not like a steady change in the field of view).
  • And, of course, Twitter support (everyone wants to have that, right?). :-D


Code Painted By Philipp Söhnlein on : TeaTimer 0.6 released

I put TeaTimer 0.6 on AMO. Included are all features I described in the previous post. The only problem is: I decided to make all extensions only available on AMO directly. But, since this is my very first extension, it's currently held in the “s

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