TeaTimer 1.1 released

Posted by Philipp Söhnlein on Sunday, May 31. 2009 at 16:00 in TeaTimer

I released TeaTimer 1.1 today. This version includes the following changes:

  • Twitter Support: TeaTimer can send a tweet when you started a countdown and/or when this countdown has finished.
    Here is a screenshot of the settings screen:
    Screenshot of the Twitter settings option screen of TeaTimer 1.1.
  • Thanks to the people at Babelzilla a turkish locale was added.
  • I removed the polish locale, because it I haven't found someone who could translate the new terms needed for this version. I will come back, when the translation can be complete.
  • TeaTimer is working with Firefox 3.5, too.

As always, I´d love to read some feedback, especially on the AMO page of TeaTimer..

Happy brewing!


teaTimer-1.1-fx.xpi (1.4 MiB)


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joinguard on :

Hello. A really great addon. Several feature suggestions to make people lives even easier. ;-)

1. Make the audio file louder. There seems to be something wrong on your audios. The sound is too low. But my music will be too loud if I change the global volume higher. :-(
2. Let me select the custom audio I want
3. let me configure the message of the dialog
4. Left click to pause the countdown timer
5. Double click to reset the countdown timer

Thanks a lot. :-)

Philipp Söhnlein on :


thanks for your suggestions. I have some comments about them:

1. Make the audio file louder.
I'll have a look on the audio files for the next release.

2. Let me select the custom audio I want
This is already planned for the next version, see the roadmap: http://bugs.codepaintedby.philipp-soehnlein.de/index.php?do=roadmap&project=4

3. let me configure the message of the dialog
Could you specify this please?

4. Left click to pause the countdown timer
I already thought about pausing the countdown, but it doesn't make sense to me. Either there's a brewing tea or there's not. I can't image people are pausing their tea steeping, by pulling out the tea bag and put it back into the mug later.

5. Double click to reset the countdown timer
I'm also not a fan of double-clicking options, that are not self-explanatory, especially if they cause actions like aborting or deleting something that can't be undone. So, there are currently no plans in implementing this. I will, if there will be more people coming up with that feature.

Thanks again for your feedback.

Anno Nimaus on :

FF 3.6, bitte. :-)

Hyperboreas on :

Ein großartiges Addon, das mir das Leben schon oft leichter gemacht hat!
Damit das so bleibt, wäre ein Kompatibilitätsupdate für Firefox 3.6 wirklich wünschenswert!

Philipp Söhnlein on :

Danke für das Lob.
Ich habe das Update definitiv im Hinterkopf, kann aber noch nicht versprechen, wann ich dazu komme.

inkypaws on :

I love this extension! Thank you!

Any idea on when it might get bumped for Firefox 3.6? Also, would it be possible to get it for Thunderbird?

Mick on :

I also love this, and miss it dearly.

Any chance of an update?

Thanks in advance.

si_brev on :

Please update this for the latest Firefox. The opposition sipmly do not compare - you need to secure the monopoly on the tea timing based Firefox add-ons :-D

Tigg on :

Would be nice to have an option to place it in the Navigation-Bar instead of placing it in the Addon-Bar

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