TeaTimer 1.1 released

Posted by Philipp Söhnlein on Sunday, May 31. 2009 at 16:00 in TeaTimer

I released TeaTimer 1.1 today. This version includes the following changes:

  • Twitter Support: TeaTimer can send a tweet when you started a countdown and/or when this countdown has finished.
    Here is a screenshot of the settings screen:
    Screenshot of the Twitter settings option screen of TeaTimer 1.1.
  • Thanks to the people at Babelzilla a turkish locale was added.
  • I removed the polish locale, because it I haven't found someone who could translate the new terms needed for this version. I will come back, when the translation can be complete.
  • TeaTimer is working with Firefox 3.5, too.

As always, I´d love to read some feedback, especially on the AMO page of TeaTimer..

Happy brewing!


teaTimer-1.1-fx.xpi (1.4 MiB)




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