Good and bad news

Posted by Philipp Söhnlein on Wednesday, December 3. 2008 at 22:35 in TeaTimer

I have two bad news:

  1. It seems, that Spambots found my bugtracker and thought that it is a reasonable target for their spamposts. I removed the spam tasks and upgraded to the neweset stable version of the my bugtracker software Flyspray. Anti-Spam-measures are planned for the next version, but the current betas didn't work and it seems, that we still have to wait some time until Flyspray 1.0 will be released. If the update will not help, I unfortunately have to remove the support for adding features without a account.
  2. I got a negative response from AMO (after 7 weeks) according to my public nomination request of TeaTimer 1.0. The reason given was mainly a lack of ratings.

But there are good news: I recognized today, that the number of ratings has raised to 5, so I started with the work on version 1.1, which will include Twitter support. When this version is done, I will try my luck again and make a new public nomation request on AMO.


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