TeaTimer 0.7 released

Posted by Philipp Söhnlein on Wednesday, July 23. 2008 at 01:06 in TeaTimer

Update time! TeaTimer 0.7 brings two new cool features to you, which will (hopefully) satisfy your visual needs:

  1. TeaTimer has now an icon. It's based on a great work of my new favorite canadian artist Konstantino Kapetaneas who gave me permission to use and edit his icon. Thanks again, man!
  2. A new alert type is also included: The Websitewidget alert.
    This alert will show a layer over the website you are currently reading. Here is an example:Example of TeaTimer´s Website Widget Alert
    The widget will disappear after a configurable time and of course you can activate or deactivate it in the options.

And I fixed a problem which only occurred in Firefox3: The statusbar alert could only be cleared, when the font was visible. This is fixed now.

If you have any comments about this release, please use the comment function of this blog. If you prefer email you can write to me@phil-soehnlein.de or you can jabber me with the same address.


Because TeaTimer is still sandboxed, you can download this release directly from this page, but I recommend downloading it from AMO, because you will get an automatic notification, if there's an update.

teaTimer-0.7-fx.xpi (1.3 MiB)


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Paweł on :

I'm using TeaTimer since 0.6 version
How can I help you with translation to polish (pl_PL)?

Philipp Söhnlein on :

Hi Pavel,

thank you very much for offering your support. Unfortunately the app is currently not based on locales and translations are planned for 1.1.

If you allow, I will come back to you, when 1.0 is released and when I'm going to implement the locales. Is that okay for you?

Another question: You say you use TeaTimer since 0.6. How did you get 0.7? Manually or did Firefox notify you, that there was an update?


Paweł on :

Waiting till 1.0 is ok ;-)

I made the update manually - I was restoring my Fx profile from backup while you've released new version and I was looking for new versions of my extensions manually.

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