TeaTimer 1.2 released - Compatible to Firefox 4

Posted by Philipp Söhnlein on Friday, April 1. 2011 at 00:55 in TeaTimer

Hey everyone,

some weeks ago I took the time to update TeaTimer. The biggest new change: It's compatible to Firefox 4 (only), so TeaTimer is back to improve your life together with this great release of your favorite browser.

In this release, I also added the possibility, to use your own alert sounds. You can set it in the options dialog, by choosing the last item in the sound list ("Custom").

I also removed the not longer working Twitter feature (the old login mechanism isn't supported by Twitter anymore) and all locales except the english and the german one. But I already work on a upcoming release, which will bring back some new locales. If you're interested in doing some translation work for TeaTimer you can contact me or use Babelzilla to submit translations.

Oh and by the way: You may have noticed, that TeaTimer is now flatterable, too. :-) Flattr TeaTimer

Happy Brewing!




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